The Door of Return

As Angels they come,

Light-footed and pure in Spirit,

Yet clothed in the dirted flesh of our forefathers.

Their light within,

They enter the castle pit and are slowly consumed by hell’s dark dungeon.

Poring through the heavy dark, the white-washed flesh grows fearful, yet finds the words to speak:

‘O Divine Mother, let all those souls who remain enslaved be set free; let them achieve their moksha at Your Divine lotus feet and may they at last be truly free.’

Above them the ‘Door of No Return’ groans from its crusted locks,

And lashes its devilish chains in anger and deceit.

A Spectre stands tall over all of Africa and wrathfully bars the door.

Gathering Angels pour Holy oil upon its locks and hinges

And glowering, the Spectre falls silent.

As swift as doves, they seek out the chamber of mothers, of sisters and daughters and entreat the Divine Feminine to awaken.

Washing the sleep from Her eyes,

The Mother of Africa rouses from Her chamber of torment

And subdues the Spectre under foot.

Her daughters rush to the waiting dungeon

And command the flesh to speak.

Without fear and in full knowledge of what has come to pass,

the heart of flesh must speak:

‘O Divine Mother, from our hearts, we pray for forgiveness for all the evils of the past, for all the evil things that our forefathers have done; and we pray that this evil may come to an end.’

From deep within the chambers of the Heart,

Divine Love pours through the opening gates

And sets Her children free.

Come my brothers, come sisters,

Let us think no more of evil and despair.

Let us live for evermore in Our Mother’s Divine embrace

And hand in hand,

Enter the Door of Return.

(poem by Tim Bruce)

(This poem relives the event of Friday 30 October 2009, when two yogis, one from England (Tim) and one from West Africa (Patient), entered the slave dungeons of Cape Coast Castle in modern-day Ghana – a place notorious for its central role in the Atlantic Slave Trade from 1665-1807 and its infamous ‘Door of No Return’, through which each enslaved African would forcibly pass never to return to their homeland. Here the ‘Door of Return’ also symbolises the opening of the Agnya and Sahasrara chakras. The words of the two prayers are the actual spontaneous words spoken that day).

See diary entry for:

Day 15: Friday 30 October – Blessed Day of the Goddess


2 Responses to The Door of Return

  1. DIXIT AK says:




  2. Matt Dain says:

    The very act of re-visiting the slave dungeon and asking for genuine and heartfelt forgiveness and then putting further attention on it thru a poem like this is an Absolute Karmic breakthru for UK – Africa or Shiva/Saraswati relations…it moved me immensely and the vibrations were really pumping out

    After visiting and reading every page of this site tonight….impressed as I was with the work you guys did this is by far the most remarkable of achievements…incredibly important and this will certainly help Englands to deal with some of their karmas…Well Done!

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