Day 9: Saturday 24 October – Divine Presents

After morning meditation, we distributed what remained of the gifts that we had brought with us from Europe: photos of Shri Mataji, pendants and badges of Shri Mataji, incense, an altar cloth vibrated by Shri Mataji Herself at Navaratri, new mantra books, song books, DVD/CD/tapes of Shri Mataji’s talks, Sahaj music, a CD of the Sahaj Latino band ‘Casabella’, Borotin children’s CDs, hand-outs on subjects like clearing techniques, vibrated sugar, salt and kum-kum and some vibrated water from Navaratri puja to spray wherever we went.

Shri Mataji's altar in Tema

In the garden we buried the coconut from the tenth night of Navaratri puja offered to Shri Mataji in Cabella and also offered some sacred earth from Shri Mataji’s birthplace in Chindwara.

All the day the information phone line kept ringing, keeping Amina busy (as she put it) as if she were looking after a baby. Literally from as soon as we had sat down for meditation, until she had brushed her teeth at night, the phone would ring all day. Lots of interest was still being shown and the number of hits on the internet sailed above 1300. Although the peak of over 600 hits in a single day had been on the day of the TV3 broadcast.

Tim singing at the 2nd public programme in Accra

Later that afternoon, while Aaron, Patryk and Otis went ahead to Kumasi to find a hotel and start postering, we headed back to the teacher’s hall and straight into a hall hire maya. Rather annoyed that we had been cheated by Alex the local agent into paying hugely over the odds for a small board room, we had tried to get the bigger hall instead. Unfortunately this hall was now very firmly occupied by screaming Christians who were clearly going nowhere. The caretaker tried his best to ask them to wind up their programme, but they weren’t having any of it.

Taking one look into the happy-clappy Christian gathering ensconced in there, we quickly came to the conclusion that we were vibrationally better off in the poky little board room, even if the whole of Africa turned up. Fortunately, the number of new people that came exactly fitted into the room, which was packed to the brim with people and vibrations. Even as they left, the departing Christians couldn’t help poking their heads in to see what was going on. Who knows? Perhaps the more spiritual of them even got their Self-realistion that way.

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