Day 8: Friday 23 October – The Drum King

For the media team, it was bliss to have a long meditation and hang around the house for a bit after breakfast. Before heading out into the town to leaflet and give realisation, we had a drumming session in the main living area that sparked up spontaneously and seemed to last ages. The locals have a very particular style which is pretty hard to pick up on one session and seems to involve hitting it as hard as you can! Koby was the drum king, with Aaron close behind him on drum number two. Then there was a wooden xylophone with clay vessels suspended underneath each key to amplify the tone. Again Abraham showed us how to play with a quick-rhythm Ghanaian style, while the rest of us jumped around and danced, well, sort of African style – bottoms sticking out, pointing to da hills.

Dance to da rhythym of da music

After some more street realisation, we headed off to the Chelsea Place Hotel for the follow-up programme. Strangely, the key had been lost to the meeting room and we were utterly unable to enter the room. Standing by the closed door, I instantly felt why. Some people who had been there before us had left such unbelievably bad vibrations that it would have been impossible to meditate in there. We decided to spray the outside of the door with vibrated water, say some mantras and seek an alternative venue!

Luckily we were able to re-arrange the dining room, which was a much bigger room as it turned out. Soon the new people started to arrive and by 6 pm we had 20 people fill the room who had all come the day before. This time the meeting started on a much lighter note and this was reflected in the music, which had everyone clapping and singing along with refrains such as ‘Ude bai ude bai ude bai ude’ in Zogawa.  By the end of the evening, people were able to have a much deeper experience and quite a few of them attended all of the programmes in Accra.

Follow-up programme in Accra

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