Day 6: Wednesday 21 October – Realisation to the Nation

The next morning started very early, as we had to be at the GBC TV station by 6.30am, which meant leaving base in Tema by 5.30am at the latest. So Obi, Tim and Manitu put on their best media clothes (and best hat in Obi’s case!) and tootled off in Aaron’s taxi while the others waited by the TV for the programme to come on.

When we arrived at the studio, we were sat in a waiting room for some while before being herded onto the set, where we rather unsatisfyingly, met our interviewer for the first time. She hurriedly sketched through the topics of discussion and seemed to absorb less than half of what we actually said. Within moments we were sat on the breakfast TV sofa and being hooked up with lapel mics.

As the interview began we all came into sharp vibrational focus and the interviewer opened with that boring old question that we had urged her not to ask: ‘so is Sahaja Yoga a religion?’ which was directed straight at Tim. Coming off the back foot, we were easily able to turn it back around and talk about the many benefits of Sahaja Yoga to ordinary people and so on and so forth. She kept asking closed questions however and it made it hard for us to be as open and expansive in our answers as we wanted, as she continued to dominate the discussion agenda with her rather narrow Christian viewpoint.

GBC Breakfast TV: Obi, presenter & Manitu

Finally Manitu was able to cut through all the heady questions and jump in with the realisation exercise. Before the whole nation, we gave realisation to all those watching the programme – which potentially could easily be hundreds of thousands, if not more. It’s difficult to tell, as there is no way of knowing. Luckily Manitu was facing away from the floor manager who was desperately jumping up and down while gesturing to the presenter to cut to the next item and despite the mounting pressure to the contrary, Manitu was able to finish the exercise and ask the people at home to see what they could feel in their hands. Cool. Well, that’s what we felt – strong blasting Kailash cool!

Back at base, the rest of the team were dizzy with vibrations and joy at seeing yogis giving realisation on their national breakfast TV show! It seemed completely unbelievable, like a beautiful dream.

Time for brunch!

Meanwhile, the media team did what any media team would do and that is eat. We were starving after our early morning shenanigans on the set. So we headed off to the nearest restaurant for the local delicacies: Fufu and Red-Red (that’s a sort of gluey starchy porridge with red beans and red chicken and fried plantain – or the big banana as we came to call it). The rest of the team joined us, before we all headed off either into the world of on-street Realisation, or the endless shopping list of things to do in the world of the media. More TV stations, more radio stations, more newspapers. Until as if by magic, with our quarter page adverts confirmed in the Daily Graphic national daily newspaper, our manned information phone line fully functional and the last slot booked at Radio Atlantis, everything was at last done and we could bask in the glow of a fully operational national media campaign, broadcasting to the people of Ghana the advent of Shri Mataji and the coming of Sahaja Yoga.

Rejoining the main group near the beaches, we were overjoyed to see our brothers and sisters busy postering and leafleting all over the town and lots of people getting their realisation. Some local people even recognised us from the TV (truly awesome as it was already quite dark) and were very keen to know more about it. All around the bus terminus people were looking at leaflets that were joyfully placed in their eager hands. The whole atmosphere had changed and dreary old Europe with its battered grey and gloom, seemed a universe away. People were absolutely hungry for it and open to realisation just like small children, not questioning and arguing and doubting, but just getting it, there in the street!!!

Foreign ministry building destroyed by lightning

As we jumped into taxis and headed back to base, we saw a huge blazing fire consume the Foreign Ministry building in flames. We hoped deep inside that the flames would purge the building of its seedy past and of the seemingly endless corruption of the present. Daily news reports would routinely reveal some corrupt politician or businessman. Again we felt the awesome presence of Shri Vishnumaya. As we drove home, huge streaks of lightning flashed overhead and a deep thunder rumbled across the sky.

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