Day 5: Tuesday 20 October – Angels to Direct Us

Early that morning and reflecting on the fire at Peace FM the day before, we performed a simple puja to Shri Vishnumaya and from that point on lighting was present in the sky either before or during most of the evening programmes.

Kiran giving realisation in the streets

Kiran giving realisation in the streets

While most of the team went out into Accra to give realisation around the beaches and transport hubs, the rest of us darted back and forth from the various media offices of radio and TV stations and newspapers. Late in the afternoon, we visited the Ghanaian Broadcasting Corporation for the second time and this time managed to get to meet the marketing manager. As we sat trying to persuade him to allow us to do a media interview, things were not going at all well; when into the room like a miraculous angel came a TV director who suddenly became very interested in our story and decided to take up our cause and help us. He proceeded to phone all the relevant decision makers and within a short time it had been agreed that we would appear on Breakfast TV the next morning. Wow! We were completely amazed at this turn-around in our fortunes and left jubilant.

Lunch break in the streets of Accra

Somehow, we had too many things to get done in too short a time so we decided to split up to try to cover everything. Big mistake. Things were much more difficult for all of us as we struggled around downtown Accra through the choking glue of heavy traffic. Then worse – somehow we were unable to contact each other by phone and lost each other in the myriad of possible locations. Luckily, we all zoned in on the printers around 5pm just as the working day was closing and smoothly rendez-vous’d by a coconut stall to pick up our leaflets and posters, which had been duly produced and delivered. Thank God! By providence we had actually achieved everything we needed to and we had the added satisfaction of knowing that the first of our transmissions had gone on air.

That evening, after finishing off the website in time for the GTV broadcast the next morning, we celebrated another havan, this time to Shri Mahakali and prayed that all the left side negativity and avidya of black magic be destroyed within West Africa. We also offered to the Divine fire all the negativity against the establishment and spreading of Sahaja Yoga throughout Ghana and throughout West Africa. This time the vibrations cleared and Kundalini was very strong in the Sahasrara.

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