Day 4: Monday 19 October – A Multi-media Campaign Begins

Morning meditation was much lighter, especially after we spoke some mantras together to awaken the qualities of the chakras.

Just as well, because Aaron, Obi and Tim had to leave by 5.45am to get to Metro TV by 7am to meet Aaron the picture editor. Three hours later (nothing happens quickly in Africa), we had put down the voice-over and cut the picture montage to produce a 15 second and 30 second radio advert and a 30 second TV advert. I cannot tell you how miraculous an event that is and how much perseverance it took to arrive at that point! This meant that we could launch our media campaign in earnest and boldly broadcast to the nation: ‘Sahaja Yoga Meditation: Awaken the miraculous power within’.

Tim & Aaron outside Peace FM radio station

Returning to Peace FM was interesting. They calmly sat us down while a fire raged in one of their studios, stinking out the building and cutting all electric power. Health and Safety, err, what’s that? Not even vibrated water would dowse this problem. Luckily we were unaffected, beyond the inconvenience of all the computers being down and being unable to play them the CD of the adverts. Had we thought of it more deeply at the time, the electrical fire would have signalled the presence of Shri Vishnumaya, who seemed to be with us for most of the tour in one form or another announcing the blossoming of Sahaja Yoga in Ghana.

Now that we had finalised the tour itinerary, we could give the go-ahead to posters & leaflets. We had managed to source a printing company on Saturday and using Mario’s UK design, we set the presses in motion to print off 3000 leaflets and 1200 posters displaying a chart of the subtle system and a photo of Shri Mataji. Great promises were made that we could pick them up the next day and all three of us crossed our fingers and held our collective breath!

Returning back to base that night we discovered that the 15 second advert was missing from our CD copies and we would have to return in the morning not only to Metro TV, but also to Peace FM. On average we visited every radio and TV station at least 3 or 4 times for one reason or another. Each time we went, vibrated water from Shri Mataji’s holy feet sprayed forth into the air and occasionally even onto the Sahasraras of the people we met.

Anand gives Self-realisation on the bus

Street Realisation

Meanwhile, the others kick-started the street realisation campaign and ventured into local schools in Tema to try and persuade them to let them give realisation in morning assembly. Although this didn’t quite happen, we were able to give realisation to the odd class of school children and teachers. Venturing out into the streets of Accra, people were very open to realisation. Compared to western Europe, it’s relatively easy to engage them in conversation, so moving onto the subject of ‘why we were in Ghana’ was a natural overture to giving realisation, which we found was relatively easy to do. In the market places, transport hubs and beach areas people were very amenable to realisation, regardless of their education or background. Once we would start, people would be very curious and gather around very quickly. Generally, the better-off people with good jobs came to the programmes, while the street peddlers and lower class workers got realisation in the streets. Hundreds got realisation in this way.

Patryk giving realisation in the street

One young woman who got her realisation and had a strong experience was giving it to all the people around her literally within minutes! She was explaining it to them in their own local language (Twi) with such enthusiasm, that one joker even suggested that we had paid her! Such people helped us over the language barrier as many of the lower class workers do not speak English. While the white yogis helped attract seekers and easily overcame any reticence, the local yogis were essential to explain in more detail about Kundalini and Sahaja Yoga.

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