Day 3: Sunday 18 October – Diwali Puja

Morning meditation was a little heavy on the left again and in spite of listening to Shri Mataji’s talk, most of us nodded off again. So we did what any enterprising yogi would do: we reached for the camphor. Before the morning sun grew too hot, I liberated four camphor burners from my suitcase, we decamped into the garden and broke open the wrappers on the camphor and ajwain. Phew! One hour later and the world was a very different place. Baptism by fire. By the time we had finished the sun was scorching us with 35 degree equatorial heat.

Interestingly, Ghana is both very close to the equator at 5 degrees latitude north and also directly on the Greenwich meridian at 0 degrees longitude east or west. So in a way it is at the centre point of the world, perfect for the land of the Ganas!

Diwali puja in Tema

We cleaned all the puja items and by late afternoon all the local yogis had gathered at Tema to celebrate Diwali puja. We sang bhajans and worshipped Shri Mataji as Shri Ganesha, Shri Mahalakshmi and Shri Jesus. The vibrations were much better than before, but still lots of things were churning in our chakras, particularly in the left Swadhishthana, void and back Agnya. By the time we sang the Shri Mahalakshmi Stotram, Kundalini was on the up. During the Aarti the vibrations suddenly became very strong and for the first time you could really feel the presence of Shri Mataji in the room. From that point on something lifted and a new level of vibration was established within the group as a whole. We became one subtle body.

That evening we were joined by Anand Schreuer from Vienna, the last of the western yogis to join the tour. Meanwhile, we had to get our heads down to finalise the tour schedule, write a script for the adverts and create an internet site for Sahaja Yoga in Ghana: And when the local boys, Koby, Aaron, Abraham, Michael and Sasu heard that they had a new website, they cheered for joy!

Koby, Michael & Abraham

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