Day 2: Saturday 17 October – The First of Many Meetings

It was actually much easier to get up in Ghana than in England, where the back Agnya can nail you like a rock. We were all up and gradually filing through the one toilet and bathroom to be meditating collectively by 6am. We made the mistake however of having a silent meditation and before long many of us had succumbed to the heavy left side of Ghana and nodded off.

Amina, Mabel, Olivia, Manitu, Aaron, Michael, Patryk, Otis, Koby, Sasu, Abraham & Tim

After a hearty breakfast, some of us explored Tema and its flotsam-spewed beaches while others continued our media campaign, travelling back and forth from radio to TV stations gathering information and building up relationships with their marketing managers. Often we would come up against some unspoken Christian opposition which would often reveal itself in the form of ‘is this a religion?’ to which we would usually reply: ‘No, this is for everyone. Anyone can benefit from this practice. Meditation is a state of Being.’ But I have to say that our chief weapon was vibrated water, which had the incredible ability to turn a tense situation into a party atmosphere with one spray of the bottle!

This being a Saturday, not many of the regular station staff were at their desks and Metro TV (a muslim-owned commercial station dedicated to sport) was no exception. A warm and friendly secretary was extremely kind and helpful. She not only helped provide us with rate cards, but introduced us to her man: another Aaron, who worked as a picture editor and was willing to help us produce the radio and TV adverts that we were aiming to broadcast. Luckily this other Aaron was also very nice and so it didn’t take all day to agree a price. We said good bye and agreed to return at 7am on Monday morning with a script and DVD footage.

The Chelsea Place Hotel: the regular Saturday meeting

Meanwhile Kiran Schreuer arrived at the airport from Vienna via Dubai. A journey of around 20 hours that encompassed nearly three continents! She was met by Christa and some local yogis and taken directly to our first programme in Accra. Not a big programme as yet, simply the regular Saturday meeting at the Chelsea Place hotel and Jazz club. Here we met some new yogis for the first time such as Bless from Benin who is studying English in Accra. About 20 people or so packed into a small seminar room, watched Shri Mataji’s talk, meditated, sang the bija mantras and enjoyed a workshop.

Later, back at the house in Tema, was welcome a chance to eat, chat and relax.

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