Day 16: Saturday 31 October – The Closing Moments

After such an immense day the day before, everybody gathered at Vinayaka’s house and we spent the remaining time together in each other’s company. We had a meeting, during which we discussed some of the issues that had arisen during the tour and we offered what advice we could regarding the future and how to support the new people that had come to the programmes and ways in which to help Sahaja Yoga to thrive in Ghana.

The gang: Obi, Christa, Mabel, Olivia, Sasu, Manitu, Tim, Anand, Kiran, Koby, Abraham & Michael

After lunch there was just time to make a quick detour through the market to buy some lemons and chillies to clear the meeting room that had been affected by some negative people the week before, and also time to do a bit of last minute shopping. In a matter of minutes I was able to buy some local Ghanaian shirts and a black mahogany elephant. Well, actually Koby did all the skilful negotiating – I just witnessed it all with European wonder.

After jumping into Aaron’s taxi for the penultimate time, we headed to the Chelsea Place Hotel for the regular Saturday follow-up meeting – pretty much at the same time as the collective UK meeting was taking place thousands of miles away back in the original Chelsea in London. I noticed that some negative entity had exited the sealed meeting room during the week and broken one of the windows. After much vibrated water, mantras and matka, the room was vibrationally transformed and ready for collective meditation. About 15 new people came, most of whom had been to three or four of the public programmes during our two week stay and the quality of meditation was excellent.

Manitu leading the meditation

There was just time to grab a welcome shower in one of the hotel rooms before we had to dash of to the airport and head home. As we hugged each other for the last time and said goodbye, all the guys were pretty emotional and we practically turned the whole airport upside down with a rousing chorus of ‘Bolo Bolo Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmla Devi ki JAI!!!‘

In all, we managed to mount a massive media campaign across radio, TV and the national Press,  hold nine public programmes and two follow-up programmes in the capital Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi and in the village of Sankor, which attracted a total of 385 new people. Many people returned for further programmes and most programmes had more than 40 people. Several hundred received realisation in the streets of Accra, Kumasi amd Takoradi and potentially across the entire nation and beyond, hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) received it via the two popular live broadcasts on breakfast TV.

Sasu, Christa, Mabel, Patryk, Vinayaka, Obi, Koby & Manitu

As we boarded our 11pm plane from Ghana to London, we felt pleasantly exhausted, yet absolutely sure that thanks to the ever-present guide of Shri Mataji’s Divine love and vibrations, the whole venture had been a resounding success.

Thanks once again to the World Foundation and UKCASY for their financial support in making the Ghana tour possible; also to the UK and world Sangha for their continued attention, loving support and vibrations.


To help Sahaja Yoga spread in Ghana and throughout West Africa, we have suggested some subjects for shoe-beating and to offer in havan:

* All negativity against the establishment and growth of Sahaja Yoga in Ghana
* All negativity attacking the collective in Accra
* All negativity that is trying to destroy Sahaja Yoga in West Africa
* All avidya and black magic in Africa

* All left side negativity of Africa
* All negativity attacking the right void of the Sahaja Yogis of West Africa
* All negativity against the World Council in West Africa

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