Day 12: Tuesday 27 October – Last Supper in Kumasi

Breakfast at the Kumasi hotel

As is often the way, we felt pretty tired the next day, but in a pleasant relaxed sort of way. After another round of street realisation in the vicinity of the bustling markets, we headed over to Vic Baboo’s café for lunch at the kind invitation of the owner Mahesh, who is also the owner of the hotel we were staying in. The meal was delicious and for an hour or so, we were transported out of Africa into the gastric world of Southern India.

Next door was a small craft market selling drums and all kinds of quality hand-made goods. Had I any remaining energy I would have braved the haggling hawkers and bought something, but as it was I had one desire in my mind and that was to sleep.

Kiran giving realisation in the streets of Kumasi

That evening, the programme was again well attended with nearly half of the people coming to each of the three. Mahesh (who is also active at the local Paramahansa Yogananda centre) brought most of his family. Somehow the atmosphere was not the same as the day before. The questions from the new people were a bit more Christian in bent and the Agnya was more pressured. Somehow it was as if that wonderful heart and Sahasrara quality of the previous day had been a little clouded over again. Was it because we had not worshipped Christ that day to melt away the fanaticism of African Evangelical Christianity?

The 3rd public programme in Kumasi

We were sad to leaving Kumasi as the city had a special quality that we had not experienced elsewhere. As the old Ashanti capital it had retained the essence of traditional Ghanaian culture and seemed to manifest its beating heart. Especially sad was the knowledge that we would not be able to continue with weekly follow-up programmes, as there were no resident yogis to run them. We resolved however that Koby and Abraham would come back on the first Saturday of every month to keep the meetings going and to help the people of Kumasi in their meditation. Another blow came when the British Council decided to prevent us from using their meeting room for any further programmes (meddling Christians again). Coming as it did on the day before the first follow-up meeting we were forced to cancel, but Mahesh has since found a better room for us to meet in and so the next follow-up will go ahead as planned on Saturday 5 December.

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