Day 11: Monday 26 October – A Special Day

That morning the Agnya pressure seemed to return, so we decided to worship Shri Ganesha and Shri Christ together as one. The meditation was a little lengthy, but we felt we were pushing against something massive and it needed some effort to shift it. By the end it cleared and the upper chakras felt free of any tightness or obstruction and the meditation was very gentle and very strong.

Street realisation at Kumasi marketplace

Later that morning we took to the streets and went out to give realisation in the market place in Kumasi which was reputed to be the biggest in all of West Africa. Walking along the crowded streets, which seemed even hotter than Accra now that we were inland and far away from the coast, we eventually settled on a place near a busy transport interchange and started giving realisation. Within seconds people started to show an interest and were very curious to see what these westerners were up to in the streets. Even with huge metal bowls balanced on their heads they would come to watch and then have a go at feeling for the Kundalini energy rising from the tops of their heads. Again language was at times a problem as the lower class street workers struggled to understand our English. So local yogis would explain to them in Twi the whole process of realisation and even some of the newly-realised people would often lend a hand and explain to their fellow people about this amazing coolness they were feeling in the heat of the African day. We came across people from all over Northern and Western Africa who had all gathered around the buzzing market place to make some kind of basic living.

Sasu giving realisation

We were overjoyed when out of the crowd came another yogi brother from afar – Patient had at last arrived from Benin. We felt such love as we hugged him in the street. With his arrival the tour team was finally complete and a great source of local wisdom and gravity was added to our intrepid band of brothers and sisters..

After lunch, a siesta (and finally the first shower since leaving Accra!), we were ready for the second programme in Kumasi, which included among its 40 strong audience, Mahesh the owner of our hotel: a very lively quick-witted man from India, who enjoyed the programme so much that he instantly invited us all to dinner at his restaurant, Vic Baboo’s.

Patient, Obi, Kiran, Manitu, Sasu, Tim, Koby, Abraham

An extra-special programme

Quite what happened during that programme, we are not quite sure. Whether it was the influence of Shri Ganesha and Shri Christ, or whether something had cleared away, but the music took on a whole different quality and the vibrations were pouring out. By the end of the programme the atmosphere was dancing as if all the deities were present in the room with us. Such a joyful, beautiful atmosphere as if we were in the midst of a puja with Shri Mataji before us. Such was the power of the Divine presence that thought was completely impossible and the column of Kundalini rising from the body was more tangible in its strength than the body itself, which just seemed to dissolve into ether. For ages the Kundalini just danced and danced and the world seemed nothing but one Divine Being.

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