Day 10: Sunday 25 October – On the Road to Kumasi

After meditation, we quickly tidied up the house for our departure and jumped into our van and for the first time since we had arrived in Ghana had a real sense of being ON TOUR.

On the buses!

Out in the countryside the vegetation was amazingly lush in the rich fertile earth that again reminded me of the deep red Ganesha earth from Ganapatipule. Royal palm trees would tower above everything like proud straight flagpoles, with a frisson of palm leaves on the top like the top of a pineapple or the cartoon hair-do of Sideshow Bob. Majestic mahogany trees would stand tall and proud beside them on their tropical buttressed roots.

Somewhere on the road, after listening to the same CD for the third or fourth time, we stopped at a roadside restaurant and the collective blob descended from the van to eat. About an hour an a half later, we were monumentally stuffed and on our way.

The roadside jungle

Hours later, arriving in Kumasi, the blob suddenly sparked into a myriad voices as someone spotted a Sahaja Yoga poster and then another and another.  Then as if by magic, Patryk appeared, beaming like a cross between Kevin Spacey and the Cheshire Cat. Then Aaron, and Otis behind him. Before we knew what was happening we were all jumping out of the van like a bunch of school kids, ecstatic that the group had been reunited.

We were shown to our guest house hotel (which rates somewhere just above the Bates hotel on the Stephen King scale of run-down awfulness), but which made up in cranky charm what it lacked in actual functionality. The blob was sticky and badly needed water for a shower, yet water was there none – for a whole day!!! A high noon was had by all.

There was just about time to sneak off for something to eat in one of the roadside cafes near the hotel. So sneak off we did and had to barter for whatever they had left in the kitchen, which was basically a bit of rice and a chicken bone that had been deep fried in batter. Yet even on this paltry poultry, Patryk and myself were restored to life and back in the saddle and heading off to the programme: Patryk with his winning smile and me with my harp, tampura and a golden shirt.

The musicians: Anand, Tim & Koby

Public programme in Kumasi

The venue was the British Council offices very close to the hotel. Later, they disallowed our follow-up programmes, allegedly because of the use of incense (more likely because a Christian superior back in Accra had found out that we had been holding meetings there and had reacted against it), but for now they were happy to have us in the building and showed us every possible assistance and courtesy.

As was customary, the programme opened with music and as we were in a new city, Tim opened with a Ganesha song, the Shri Saraswati Vandana and the sung version of the Devi Kavach to invoke all the Shakti powers to come into that place (see website: ). Then Tim and Anand moved on to more up-tempo bhajans to rouse the crowd and get them clapping and joining in. The meeting was fairly well attended for a Sunday with 25 new people coming.

Some people in the audience were definitely pastors or staunch Christians and there was a bit of a tight Agnya as they asked their fairly challenging questions. Suddenly the atmosphere began to change and as we went through the realisation exercise a huge peal of thunder announced the arrival of Shri Vishnumaya and reached a mighty crescendo as we all declared at the heart chakra ’Mother I am the Spirit!’. This continued throughout the programme as a torrential tropical storm raged outside. Nearly all the people had a strong experience and after the storm the vibrations were generally much clearer.

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